Paige Madden -  Nov 2017

Paige Madden is a multi-media artist living and working in Seattle. Her performance piece, Living Statue, is hosted on sidewalks, in parks and other public areas. She brings her art straight to the public, making it free and accessible to all. The costume for her Living Statue is made to represent an anatomical human heart, composed of two halves, one red and one blue. She stands on a crate with her arms stretched out and remains still until a contribution is given in the bucket before her. Then she gives a token of gratitude, a wand adorned with a red and blue heart. Some may refer to this as a transaction, but she sees it as an interaction between two strangers, between life and art. The costume is made from found and recycled objects. As she travels she collects items and adds them to the costume. The costume will always be in progress, never to be "finished". Paige seeks to spread love, share awareness and demonstrate that we all must give in order to receive.