Donate your used building and large scale materials at Ballard Reuse to support Seattle ReCreative!

When you donate your old architectural materials to Ballard Reuse, Ballard's used and salvaged building materials super store, there are three amazing benefits:

  • Your materials find a new use (which has positive environmental impacts)

  • You get a tax-deductible donation receipt from us for your contribution

  • Ballard Reuse donates a portion of their proceeds to Seattle ReCreative

It's a win-win-win!


In May 2014, the RE Store, the architectural salvage store in Ballard, which was operated by the nonprofit RE Sources for Sustainable Communities (based in Bellingham, WA), announced that it planned to close after serving the greater Seattle community for over 15 years. Not only had the Seattle RE Store been very supportive of our efforts, but they'd also been a very powerful force for environmental good.  In 2013, RE Sources' two locations diverted over 5,000,000 pounds of useable material from the waste stream.  

However,  a few of the long-time employees took a leap of faith and started their own architectural salvage business, Ballard Reuse, right there in the same location.  AND they teamed up with us to help inspire and educate our local community about sustainable materials management.

So, if providing greater access to low-cost arts education and creative materials, expanding Ballard's cultural opportunities, and fostering a sustainable, caring community are important to you, go check them out and you'll be supporting us at the same time!