Community Makerspace

Open Studio Hours are generally: (as of 6/15/2016):

  • Monday through Friday: 10am to 3pm
  • Sunday: 2pm to 5pm (by appointment) 

* Please call in advance if you are planning on using the space so that we can verify that there is not a class being held at that time. If you have a group of four or more and would like to use the space, please email us to reserve the space.

Simply described, a makerspace is a community center with tools, which serves as a gathering point for new and experienced makers to connect.  Here, we work on real and personally meaningful projects using new technologies and traditional tools. 

ReCreative's community workspace focuses on fostering creativity, conservation and ingenuity in a setting that is open (and helpful) to "makers" of all ages and backgrounds.

Here we offer publicly accessible equipment free of charge throughout the week so that community members of all ages can design and create works that wouldn’t be possible with the resources available to them in school or at home.  

 Because the majority of our equipment is donated, the resources available are dependent upon community contributions. Unlike a tool library, we do not rent or loan out our equipment; however, it’s at ReCreative ready and waiting, along with a wide array of inexpensive materials.  And if you have tools and equipment that you’re no longer using, by all means donate it!  We’ll give you a tax receipt.

Come see what we've got!