Current Artist of the Month

John Anderson- Jan 2018

Exhibition Reception - Jan 12, 6-9pm during Phinneywood Art Walk


I explore the first hand experience of visual perception. My focus is the threshold between seeing and recognizing. In the experience of sight we seek out the familiar. We search for patterns. But before we recognize a thing, we are at a holding point, a place of mystery or ambiguity. I attempt to reveal that place in these images.

In this set of images I’m deliberately using tactile methods and mediums, namely deep charcoals on heavily textured surfaces. I create form and depth with an obvious hands on approach. I let the texture of the surface media push back to constrain and shape. That first aspect of perception which is about discovery often involves touching. When we’re in dark or unknown territory, we have to feel our way.

To see more of John's work, click here to visit his website.


Upcoming Artist

Mike Berry- February 2018



Exhibition Reception - Jan 9th, 6-9pm during Phinneywood Art Walk

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Mike recently returned from Albany, New York, where he taught for 10 years at the Free School (an urban alternative school). There, Mike found that origami is a wonderful catalyst to work in other subjects besides art. He has used origami to help teach math, science, cultural/social studies and other subjects. When not working with children at Seattle ReCreative, Mike loves to focus his energy on weight training and exercise, teaching and practicing martial arts (holding a black sash in Jeet Kun Do), teaching origami, and folding paper as his form of art expression.