Current Artist of the Month

Mark Moonbeam - July 2018




Magic is real. We feel it when we see a house decorated for a holiday, in a gumball machine, in aquariums, tide pools, snow globes, theme parks. Candy stores, rainbows, galaxies, wrapping paper. 

You are fine the way you are.

You are not separate from the things around you.

Somebody is telling you a way you have to be. You do not have to be that way. 

My art beams the magic of the world around us because it is made out of this magic. When we can see things as they are, rather than how or what we think they are supposed to be, we touch magic. We, too, are this magic, and we, too, are just what we are. Not something someone says we should be.  

In this same way, my art does not attempt to satisfy some extrinsic prescription for quality, but bears itself forward out of the magic in the materials at hand and in me. Through encountering my art, may you encounter yourself. Your heart is a glittering gemstone waterfall, and it is a gift to us all.  


Mark Moonbeam is inspired by anything colorful, shiny, glittery, transparent, plastic, mossy, starry, or glowing. Mark is my chosen name, because it is explicitly male, and I am not. In my life as well as my art, I wish to say: words are not what we encounter; we do not have to let them dictate. I grew up thrifting with my grandparents for their antique booth, while my grandmother made art out of dried okra and crushed soda cans. I prefer the marginal, the low-brow, the unofficial, the heterodox. More than creating art objects themselves, I work to provide the possibility for experience, because when we experience it for ourselves, we know it. What is "it"? If you see me at Gasworks Park on some sunny day with a pile full of every art supply you could ever dream of, PLEASE COME PLAY! The only rule is: Don't think too much about it!