Current Artist of the Month

Wendy K. James

Art is a huge part of my life. Everyone in my family is artistic and I am the youngest. My mother and father worked as freelance artists and display designers for as long as I can remember. Growing up in our Seattle home was like living backstage of some fantastic, colorful theater production. We were constantly sharing the living room with giant mechanically animated creatures that Dad would weld and then Mom would magically bring them to life, creating it’s outer skin and personality. I drank up the images from our art books and ate up the art supplies. The garage was always lighting up like a mad scientist’s laboratory; that was my Dad, Bob James. My Dad’s best known work was his design of the Macy’s Christmas Star that is still ceremoniously lit every year downtown after 60 years. Mom and Dad are gone now, but they always believed that no idea was impossible to create, and I take great inspiration from that every day. These experiences and the support of loving and creative family gave me my artistic beginnings and continue to inspire my art and life today.

 My family owned and operated The Artistree Gallery in Bothell’s Country Village for about 9 years. There we supported many local artists and I learned valuable lessons about professionalism and the business of being an artist.

 In addition to creating assemblages since about 1982, I am currently exploring the world of abstract painting and enjoying this powerful medium for my expression. There is such a direct line between the brain and the hand and the immediacy of these creations is very seductive. I am still very much inspired by  the mid-century designs that I saw my Dad create years ago and I have many abstract sculptural ideas I am developing at this time as well.

 I received my Associate of Fine Arts from North Seattle College in 2008 and then joyfully worked as the Small Metals Studio lab technician there for over 8 years.

I live in Greenwood with my husband, Joe and our own giant animated creature, Boo the cat.