Intro to Embroidery 


In this one-day workshop, learn the basics of embroidery as it applies to textiles: choosing materials, securing without knots, and laundering. You will learn three outlining stitches and one decorative stitch, which you will practice while making a tea towel. Stitch up some summer fun! 

Intro to Embroidery: Tea Towels
Date: Sunday, July 29
Time: 1:00 to 4:00pm
Length: 1 day
Age: Adults and teens 15+
Cost: $45 (includes materials)


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About the Instructor

Kelly Martineau is a stitch enthusiast who meanders from embroider to quilting to knit and crochet. She loves the tug of pulling needle through fabric and how the complexity of life drops away when she is stitching. Kelly is also a writer, and craft appears frequently in her essays as metaphor for exploring relationships and grief.