ODETTE ALLEN - March 2019

Artist Statement:

My work is abstract in nature, using color to create emotion and drama, while the

titles of my work serve to focus the emotion and message. I use my background

in archival documentation and social activism to fuel artwork about the issues I

find most pressing. The ultimate goal of my work is to enable people to broaden

their emotional perspective, allowing them to understand or empathize with

perspectives they could not previously understand.

Past work has explored how people who carry the burden of discrimination

respond to that experience, based on history and location. I am currently

developing a series of abstract paintings about sexism and exploitation of

women. These works reflect my fear, frustration and rage at the limitations and

damage to which women are chronically subjected. The work is an invitation for

those who do not feel this way to find parallels within their own lives, moments

that enable them to relate and build empathy for an experience they have not yet


BIO: My artistic practice brings together three divergent disciplines: art, archives, and

activism. I received my bachelor’s degree in art in 2007, and I earned my masters

degree in history and archival management in 2014. I have been a social and

environmental activist since 2000 and this drives the focus of much of my work. My

key interests are addressing environmentalism and the intersectional issues of

racism and sexism.

My emerging art practice is focused on painting; and I am developing a portfolio of

mural work. In addition I lecture about archives, art, activism, and history as the

archivist at Tacoma Community College.

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