Want to donate to Seattle Recreative?

Step 1: read through the materials list and and the list of stuff we don’t take to make sure your items work for us.

Step 2: email donations@seattlerecreative.org and tell us what you wish to donate, descriptions or pics are helpful. If you have a preference on when you hope to donate, please include that as well.

Step 3: appointment confirmation, you will coordinate your drop off time with our Materials Manager

Step 4: Drop off depending on the size of your donation, processing your donation will take a few minutes while the materials manager checks to be sure we can accept all of your items.

Parking: We don’t have designated parking. We have lots of street parking on greenwood and 84th. We also have call-in pay-to-park places in the Windermere parking lot outside our back door. Note: The block in front of our shop on Greenwood is no parking from 3-7p on weekday afternoons.

Material Donations

Seattle ReCreative diverts materials headed for landfills by collecting and re-distributing items to people who can use them for education, art, and inspiration.  Community members and local businesses can reduce waste while help enrich education and the arts. We offer receipts for your tax-deductible donations.

We are a very small operation, so we appreciate your accommodation of our policies. We have a limited staff and space, so we can't always take everything people want to donate. It is essential that you make an appointment before bringing your stuff in to donate. 

How to donate:

What? We accept donations of clean and usable art, craft, and school supplies. Please carefully read our list below before making an appointment. We greatly appreciate if you organize your materials in advance . For example: labels removed from jars, fabric folded, small items bagged, similar items grouped together. Any information on the value of your items is also helpful. We ask that you donate materials in a container that you plan to leave with us. We cannot transfer materials into other containers during your appointment.

When? We accept your donations by appointment only, due to our limited space and staff. Click the BOOK NOW button below to schedule your donation appointment.

We cannot pick-up donations at this time. We do not have a vehicle.

Not sure about your donation? Got a lot? If you are not sure if we accept what you wish to donate after reading the list, or if you have a large amount of materials to donate (more than 4 bags or boxes), or have circumstances that conflict with available appointments, please email our Operations/Materials Manager to schedule an appointment. This way we can save you a trip, be sure to make space to put your donation, or make accommodations to fit your needs. donations@seattlerecreative.org

We accept the following items by appointment:

Paper (lined & unlined) • Paper pads/tablets • Stationary • Drawing or painting paper • Colored papers-origami, construction & cover stock • Rolls of paper (drawing, craft, contact, wallpaper - no partially used gift wrap rolls, sealed only) • Newsprint-unprinted • Computer paper • Calendars • Wall paper sample books • Graph paper • Maps • Stickers • Posters • Photos • Postcards • Greeting cards • Mat board • Chip board • Foam core • Tubes • Gift boxes

Craft tools • Cork • Pipe Cleaners • Foam blocks • Baskets • Ribbons • Cookie cutters • Faux floral • Flags • Fans • Game/puzzle pieces • Glitter/confetti • Twine/string • Unused/clean medical Supplies • Molds • Doilies • Small toys • Marbles • Musical instruments • Tools for construction • Sandpaper • Educational materials • Costumes • Costume jewelry • Beads & findings • Empty thread spools • Tennis/racket balls • Vinyl • Peg boards • Inner tubes • Storage Containers (clean and sturdy) • Drafting boards & tables • Scrapbook supplies • Cardboard tubes • Magnets • Circuit boards

Feathers • Shells • Stones 

Brushes • Art paints & pigments • Colored pencils • Fabric dyes • Pens, markers, crayons, chalk, pastels • Table looms • Ceramic glazes • Stained glass supplies (no glass

Clean, dry fabric - fat quarters (18” x 22”) or yardage at least 1/4 yd or larger (9"x36") - no scraps or samples please • Printed cottons • Upholstery • Corduroy • Muslin • Canvas • Denim • Fleece • Knits • Felt • Burlap • Leather (2"x2" or larger) • Elastic • Lace • Fur • Batting-fiberfill • Piping/cording/trim/binding tape/rick rack • Yarn ( when donating yarn, any details about what kind of yarn you are bringing would be very helpful in getting ready for your donation) • Knitting needles • Crochet hooks • Needlepoint canvas • Sequins • Buttons • Patches/applique • Needles & pins • Patterns • Sewing tools (thimbles, rulers, pincushions, threaders, cutters, etc) • Sewing Machines/ Sergers (only in working order, must set up upon donation) • Webbing/interfacing • Thread • Snaps • Hook & eye • Boning • Zippers • Mill ends of all kinds • Looms • Spinning wheels • Embroidery • Cross-stitch • Weaving • gloves or socks (missing match or holey and colorful, no black or white socks)

No longer than 5 ft and no larger that 18x24. Wood scraps (good condition only — NO NAILS or other hardware) • Stretcher bars • Veneer • Blocks • Boards • Dowels • Frames • Craft shapes • Popsicle sticks • Toothpicks • Chopsticks

Wire • Sheet metal • Cookie cutters • Jewelry parts • Trays/Tins • Film reels • Nails & screws • bottle caps • hardware

Upright files • File folders • Dividers • Tape • Glue • Rubber bands • Pens of all kinds • Pencils of all kinds • Crayons • Rubber stamps & stamp pads • Ledger paper • Receipt pads • Drafting templates • Notebook binding • Legal pads • Envelopes (we are not currently taking logo or window envelopes)• Clip boards • Scissors • Keyboards • Erasers • Chalk & chalk boards • White boards & markers • Cork boards • Staplers & staples • Paperclips • Push pins • Wood/metal bookcases (please inquire before donating) • Laptops/tablets/smartphones with wi-fi 

Mylar • Film canisters • Slide frames • Tubing • Folders • Flowers • Colored Bottle caps • Baskets • Buckets 

These items we take sometimes, please ask before donating.

If you wish to donate these items please email donations@seattlerecreative.org to see if we currently have space to take these items. We accept Holiday themed craft items in the month previous to the holiday. If you bring these without approval we will send them back with you due to limited space.

Binders, pill bottles, holiday decorations (only 1 month before holiday, pine cones only accepted in November), craft books & magazines (we accept limited titles), sewing patterns, Glass jars with lids (clean and with labels removed), Gift boxes, containers of any type,  ceramic/stone tile, beeswax, cameras and photography equipment (we don't take digital cameras under 8 megapixels).

Items we cannot accept:


  • Unlabled or decade old chemicals or liquids

  • anything fragranced

  • Anything with mold, mildew, cat pee, or any smell

  • Clothing, curtains, and half-finished sewing projects (this means anything with a sewn edge; no linens, no deconstructed clothing, no scraps, etc)

  • Household goods like furniture or appliances (but we can direct you to our partner Ballard Reuse!)

  • Printers, ink cartridges, software

  • Most food containers

  • Black and white bottle caps

  • Styrofoam or packing peanuts

  • Broken glass, ceramics, dishes, frames

  • Beer/wine/liquor/soda/water bottles (unless they are unusual and without a label or vintage)

  • Open/used gift wrap rolls

  • Books on topics other that arts and crafts

  • Magazines besides listed titiles.

  • CDs, VHS, Cassette tapes and cases

  • Glass or mirror with unprtected edges

  • Digital cameras under 8 megapixels

  • Old candles, wax, anything you think someone else would use to make a candle.

These items are just not right for ReCreative (or seem obviOus not to donate), but thankfully, there are many other great places in town you can take them. Check out these Donate or Resell Resources on the Seattle Public Utilities website!



NOTE: Appointlet app is having some issues. If it shows “no appointments” and you need to make an appointment right away please email donations@seattlerecreative.org with a brief description and preference of when you prefer to deliver your donation. Otherwise just check back soon!