Seattle ReCreative Donation Request Policy and Application

 Seattle ReCreative welcomes donation requests that benefit the following organizations and events:

  • Nonprofit organizations, schools, and other community groups serving the Puget Sound region. Priority will be given to organizations and events within 15-mile radius of Seattle ReCreative's location in Greenwood. (This is the target area that we serve.)

  • Idividual artists and groups, for projects and events that directly benefit our local community or nearby communities in need

  • Community projects and events that promote creative reuse, environmentally sustainable practices, or other types of sustainability

Depending on the need and expected community benefits, we can generally offer the following types of donations:

  • Gift basket of various reused materials from our store ($25 value)
  • Gift certificate to purchase reused materials in our store ($25 value)
  • Combination of a smaller gift basket and gift certificate for reused materials ($40 value)
  • Gift certificate for one Early Artists Weekday Paint Play Pass ($60 value)

Application and Donation Process:

  • We recommend visiting Seattle ReCreative to get a better idea of our programs, retail store, and workshop space.
  • Then, complete the online application form at least one month in advance of your event in the same calendar year of the event (e.g. we cannot accept requests in November for an event the following March). For tracking purposes, we will award donations in the same quarter that the event takes place. (For example, if you apply in January but your event is in May, we will not award your donation until April.)
  • We review donation requests at board meetings on the second Sunday of each month and will reply to your request within four business days of the meeting.
  • If your request is granted, you must arrange to pick up the donation from our location.
  • In exchange for our donation, we ask that you include Seattle ReCreative’s name, logo and website URL in your promotional materials, such as the event website, program, Facebook event, etc.
  • You do not need to provide us with a tax receipt for the donation but we welcome letters of gratitude and short reports on how the donation was used. If you send us photos we can share on our Facebook page, we’d be happy to report back to the community about how the materials they donated to us benefited your organization and mission!
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