Want to donate to Seattle Recreative?

Step 1:

Learn about what we take - Read through the materials list (and the list of stuff we don’t take) to make sure your items work for us. Be sure to prepare you materials (take labels off jars, secure glass into picture frames, etc) to make drop off quick and smooth.

Step 2:

Tell us what you have - Email donations@seattlerecreative.org and tell us what you wish to donate, descriptions or pics are helpful. Please say things like 3 grocery bags of clean dry label free jars or two 50 gallon totes of rubber stamps. or 4 ream boxes of copy paper or a gallon bag of corks and caps so we can make sure we have space to receive your donation. If you have a preference on when you hope to donate, please include that as well.

If your items are not on our ACCEPTED list and not on our WE DON’T TAKE just ask!

We are a small non-profit paying rent in Seattle, so we only have so much space and we want to maintain safety and wheelchair accessibility! So what we can take changes based our inventory. (Thanks for leaving strollers, bikes, and pets outside.)

Step 3:

Appointment confirmation - You will coordinate your drop off time with our staff.

Step 4:

Drop off - Depending on the size of your donation, processing your donation will take a few minutes while staff checks to be sure we can accept all of your items. We are a small nonprofit with extremely limited space so we appreciate your understanding if we can’t accept all of your items. We are happy to offer suggestions for where to send the things we cannot take. Feel free to shop the store while we look through your donation. Please bring items in containers you plan to leave with us.

Note on Parking: We don’t have designated parking. Lots of street parking on Greenwood and 84th. Call-in pay-to-park places in the Windermere parking lot outside our back door are often empty. Note: The block in front of our shop on Greenwood is no parking from 3-7p on weekday afternoons.




  • yarn of all types and lengths

  • clean roving

  • crochet hooks

  • knitting needles

  • punch needles

  • stitch counters and other fiber arts notions

  • shuttles and weaving supplies

  • warping boards and weaving prep tools

  • spindles and spinning tools

  • table and lap looms (sorry no floor looms)

  • kits & how to books

  • Only magazines that originally retail over $1

things to note about donating yarn arts:

We love when all your yarn and thread is untangled organized with as much labeling as you know.

We have yarn goddesses who care and know a ton about yarn and they will process and price all the yarn for us to be sure the right person gets it next!!

We don’t take any musty, mothy, wet, moldy or dirty yarn or thread OR any raw wool.

If you want to put note/labels about the era your kits and tools were purchased, please do!

If you have a floor loom feel free to post on our Facebook page to see if you can get a direct taker!


Embroidery / Cross stitch / Needlepoint / Crewel

  • floss and embroidery fibers of all types

  • monk cloth, plastic canvas, and other surfaces to needlework on.

  • needles counters and other tools

  • kits / patterns

  • beads and embellishments

things to note about donating Floss arts:



  • fabric larger than 1/4 yard or fat quarter (no scraps, no clothing, no curtains / linens)

  • thread of any size spools

  • needles / pins

  • buttons / zippers

  • snaps / hooks & eyes

  • ribbon / trim

  • fabric dye / paint

  • leather & tools

  • rulers and quilting templates

things to note about donating Sewing supplies:


  • beads of all kinds- plastic, glass, crystal, stone, etc

  • cabochons, cameos

  • charms

  • findings - clasps and other parts to make jewelry

  • chain, cords, elastic, wire

  • costume & ready-to wear jewelry

  • broken jewelry/parts

  • clay - PMC, polymer, air dry, ceramic

  • tools- pliers, looms, peg boards, tweezers, needles, magnification, wax, etc

  • camp crafts - fusible beads, shrinky dinks, lanyard, etc

things to note about donating jewelry supplies:

We have staff who know and care about pricing the beads so they end up in appreciative and appropriate hands!

Please keep kids beads and lanyard separate from regular jewelry making supplies when possible.



  • paint - acrylic, watercolor, oil

  • brushes / sponges / palette knives / palettes

  • paper / pads / canvas / stretchers

  • charcoal / pastels / pencils / pens / markers

  • calligraphy nibs, handles, and ink

  • printmaking supplies

  • glass paint, patina, copper tape, and tools (no glass or lead)

  • easels / drawing boards

  • light boxes / projection copiers

  • film cameras / digital cameras over 8 megapixels

things to note about donating fine arts supplies:

We are not currently taking printable photo paper due to overflow.

Feel free to post stained glass on our Facebook page for a direct taker!


  • cards / envelopes / postcards

  • paper / card stock

  • stickers

  • stamps

  • paper punches

  • ink pads & refills

  • embossing powders

  • stencils

  • albums


things to note about donating scrapbooking supplies:



  • gift wrap (flat/folded pieces and new rolls only. no partial rolls or used gift wrap

  • bows / ribbon

  • tissue paper

  • crepe paper

  • party decor and trinkets

  • disposable table cloths

  • birthday candles (the only candles we accept)

  • treat bags

  • invites / thank you notes

Things to note about donating party supplies:


  • folders - hanging, pocket, filing

  • paper

  • notebooks

  • post - its / note cards

  • thumb tacks / push pins

  • paper clips

  • staplers / staples / removers

  • rulers / drafting tools


things to note about donating office and classroom supplies:



  • wood

  • tile

  • hardware

  • tools

  • concrete / mortar / grout

  • plaster / spackle

things to note about donating building materials:


  • scissors

  • glue / glue guns

  • pipe cleaners

  • pom poms

  • jingle bells

  • finger paint

  • glitter / sequins / glitter glue

  • faux floral

  • plastic, rubber, metal molds (no plaster)

  • planters

    We do not take any candle making materials or scented items.


things to note about donating craft supplies:

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 12.13.58 PM.png


  • cardboard tubes, tp/pt/gift wrap/under 3 feet

  • corks, real/fake

  • caps, metal/plastic

  • pop tabs/milk rings

  • candy/mint tins

  • jars with all labels removed

  • pill bottles with labels removed

  • chop/popsicle/tooth picks

things to note about donating household supplies:


  • feathers*

  • sticks

  • rocks / shells / sand

  • pinecones - November and December only

  • preserved flowers and leaves - bagged individually, no delicate detritus


Things to note about donating natural materials:

*Due to the regulations of the migratory bird act, we are unable to resell some feathers. If you have feathers you have found you are free to donate them and we will distribute feathers accordingly

Everything must be clean and dry and with no smells.

No potpourri. no carcasses. no hair.

We do release nature bits back to the land when we get too many.


  • Unlabeled or decades old chemicals or liquids

  • Anything that has fragrance

  • Anything with mold, mildew, cat pee, or any smell

  • Clothing, curtains, and half-finished sewing projects (this means anything with a sewn edge; no linens, no deconstructed clothing, no scraps, etc)

  • Household goods like furniture or appliances (but we can direct you to our partner Ballard Reuse!)

  • Printers, ink cartridges, software

  • Most food containers

  • Black and white bottle caps

  • Styrofoam or packing peanuts

  • Broken glass, ceramics, dishes, frames

  • Beer/wine/liquor/soda/water bottles (unless they are unusual and without a label or vintage)

  • Open/used gift wrap rolls

  • Books on topics other that arts and crafts

  • Magazines besides listed titles

  • CDs, VHS, Cassette tapes and cases

  • Glass or mirror with unprotected edges

  • Digital cameras under 8 megapixels

  • Old candles, wax, anything you think someone else would use to make a candle

  • Critter food - wheat paste paper or Papier-mâché, noodles rice, corn, etc.

These items are just not right for ReCreative (or seem obvious not to donate), but thankfully, there are many other great places in town you can take them. Check out these Donate or Resell Resources on the Seattle Public Utilities website!