Seattle ReCreative promotes creativity, community, and environmental stewardship through creative reuse and arts education. 


In 2015, Seattle ReCreative

diverted nearly 60 tons of usable materials from the waste stream with our partners at Ballard Reuse served 1252 children in our drop-in arts programming utilized 3,758 hours of volunteer time supported 30 local schools, libraries & non-profit organizations

Orginization Description

We collect donations of used materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill from local businesses and individuals to redistribute to our community. Proceeds from the resale of these goods helps fund our arts programming and supply free creative materials and workshops to the community.

We believe that art fuels innovation and collaboration, and endeavor to create a physical space and programmatic approach that reflects this belief.  Our hope is that Seattle ReCreative will function as much more than a model for environmental stewardship. We see the space as a catalyst for social and intellectual enrichment. By bringing together members of our community not only to shop, but also to create, experience, and discuss art, we aim to foster cultural and personal connection amongst artists of all ages.

Our classes and creative playspace provide young children with developmentally appropriate art-making experiences, while also exposing them to adult art practices and appreciation.  Workshops are conducted by artists, educators and environmental activists from both inside and outside our community.

We believe that art has the power to change human consciousness, and that our project will challenge others to think more broadly about interpersonal and global impact.