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Seattle ReCreative is thrilled to be sponsoring the Seattle Recycled Arts Festival (SRAF) in 2019.

The purpose of the Seattle Recycled Arts Festival is to educate and get the community excited about eco-friendly living, demonstrating the extensive range of creativity you can express with recycled material in hopes of inspiring more artists to utilize the “recreative” philosophy in creating their own artwork. What better way to celebrate the beauty and importance of our earth than with earth friendly art!

We are a resource to a network of artist and activists who are passionate about what we do. We define “recycled art” as art created using at least 75% recycled materials in innovative, multilayered, intricate and unusual ways.

We believe art fuels innovation, collaboration adding to the culture of the community. By focusing on creating durable art from items destined for the landfill we bring value back to the community. This event is a catalyst for social and intellectual enrichment by bringing the community together to create, experience, and discuss recycled art and to foster the cultural and personal connections among artist, and environmental stewards, and the community.

You can support SRAF financially by clicking below.