Teaching Artists


Thank you for your interest in our classes and workshops. We work with professional artists and creative community members to bring you unique offerings. If you are interested in teaching a class at Seattle ReCreative, please complete a class proposal.

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Allison is a local artist and graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, where she studied drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography. She has worked for Daniel Smith Artists Materials, The Seattle Art Museum, Pratt Fine Arts Center, The Seattle Art Academy’s teen drop in Friday night program, and worked as a Camp Counselor for The Camp Fire organization of Snohomish, WA. She was a nanny for many years, and her love of children is akin to her love of art. Her approach as a teacher is play based learning and exploration. Her philosophy is that children already know how to create, and it’s the teacher’s job to listen, facilitate and offer suggestions for how they can achieve their vision.

LAURA CALDWELL, visible mending

Laura Caldwell is a Canadian artist, art therapist and community arts facilitator currently residing in Seattle. She received her undergraduate education in fine arts in Toronto, Ontario and her masters in art therapy in Montreal, Quebec. It was there that she discovered her love for community arts-based practices and working with undeserved communities, particularly children and youth. Her art practice includes painting, drawing, printmaking, alternative process photography, miniatures and fiber arts, the subject of which often include explorations of memory, domestic spaces and the natural world. In her role as an educator she emphasizes self-exploration, developing a unique artistic voice, and finding beauty in the imperfect. 

Callum Dickson, family woodworking

Born in Southern California, Callum Dickson grew up in the ocean. His love for wood and carpentry was ignited at age 12 when he started making this using building kits from Home Depot. After years of working in construction and carpentry, he opened Cascadia Woodwork in 2018 and started making gifts, trinkets and small remodels for clients and customers all around the greater Seattle area. He's excited to share his love for carpentry and woodworking with Seattle ReCreative families!

Haunani hess, Visual Art Collage

Arising from a standard of iconoclast ideals, the most desired result comes from minimal thought and application.  Letting the moment intuit creative impulse is a process of opening up and yielding to an ephemeral world of infinite possibilities and no mistakes.  I am motivated by what I see in nature, the complexity and sophistication of organic forms, colors and textures, perfect as they are and needing little embellishments.  I intend to make visual art that requires no explanation and speaks for itself in it's own new language. Visit Haunani's website to view her art.

MaRva holmes, day of the dead printmaking

After 15 years teaching preschool and prekindergarten students, Marva decided it was time to shake things up. She started back to school almost 30 years after graduating with her BA in Children's Theater from Central Washington University. Before she was a classroom teacher, Marva worked as an administrator and arts specialist at Seattle Children's Theater, Studio East, and many other locations in the Seattle area. In her spare time you can see Marva participating in art parades. Marva has been in 3 Fremont Solstice Parades, 5 Burien Arts-a-Glow Festivals, 2 Buskers in the 'Burg, and the West Seattle Mermaid Parade. She was Seattle ReCreative's first intern before joining the staff and is now our Outreach Coordinator as well as a teacher.

Corinna Marcia, DIY Art Journaling

Corinna Marcia is an artist, like the five generations of women before her. She has a passion for learning new crafts and enjoys spending her time sewing for her toddler, working on her novel, and experimenting with the resources available through Seattle Recreative to create art. She expresses herself best through messy, multi-medium collage work, ranging from large 16 x 20 pieces to handmade art journals. While she currently stays home with her toddler and spends most of her time helping the next generation develop their own creative voice, Corinna previously taught art journaling at Camp Yes and frequently hosts art journaling nights amongst her social group. Inspired by Toni Cade Bambara’s quote “the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible,” Corinna searches for ways to make her art a reflection of her social & political values.

Kelly Martineau, Knitting & Embroidery

Kelly Martineau is a stitch enthusiast who meanders from embroider to quilting to knit and crochet. She loves the tug of pulling needle through fabric and how the complexity of life drops away when she is stitching. Kelly is also a writer, and craft appears frequently in her essays as metaphor for exploring relationships and grief.


Andie started punch needle rug hooking almost a year ago after finding a video and being fascinated by it. Due to a huge interest she started creating kits for people to make their own wall hangings. Recently, she started teaching workshops which have proven to be her favorite. Seeing others working on her designs and kits and providing one on one instruction makes her very happy. Find her creations at www.myraandjean.com and @myraANDjean.

Cris Wood, family sewing & cross stitching

Having learned to sew on a machine at a very young age, Cris knows well the empowerment that comes from being able to use "grown up"  tools to bring creative ideas to life. Cris has turned her childhood hobby into a decades-long creative career.  She has done alterations, denim and vintage clothing repair and run her own independent handmade clothing line. She is an avid proponent of reuse and the handmade wardrobe fashion movement and believes that sewing is a valuable life skill for children and adults alike. She approaches sewing for children as a creative way to teach basic concepts of modeling, such as aligning lines and shapes and turning 2D drawings (pattern pieces) into 3D objects. Cris Wood currently teaches machine sewing to grade school age children in after school classes in the Seattle Public School District. Learn more about Cris at criswoodsews.com.

Perri DeMeritT, Family woodworking

I grew up in a home where creativity and DIY were an everyday occurrence and exploring was encouraged. My father taught me the basics of tool use and how to build while my mom was an accomplished artist and seamstress.  Throughout my life I have enjoyed learning new ways to explore and express myself artistically whether through fabric, paper craft, mixed media or woodworking. I have taught all ages in a variety of subjects and skill levels. I believe teaching basics of tool use and function allows both children and adults to find their artistic spirit and empowers them to use their creative voice no matter the medium.

 cari simson, macrame

Cari Simson owns a Greenwood-based environmental consulting company, and keeps it real as a mom and crafty person. Her Macramé skills may be the result of her fishing ancestors who chased cod across the north Atlantic with their great knotted nets. She's taught at Antioch University Seattle and for the Dirt Corps program. In past endeavors she's co-founded an alternative newspaper (Tablet Newspaper), formed an all girl punk band (Vandemonium), and worked at an all ages venue (Old Firehouse Teen Center). She loves thrifting, kayaking, paddle-boarding, hiking and looking for agates on the beach.