Upcoming Exhibitions


Ruty Daniels


On View: July 11th-August 5th

Opening:  Friday, July 14th, 2016, 6 to 9pm

About the Artist

I'm a self-taught artist, passionate about color, texture and whimsy. I'm inspired by the vibrant colors of my childhood in Africa, along with the environmental consciousness of the Pacific NW. My art is an expression of my state of mind - working within the firm frame-work of using recycled materials. I have sold and exhibited all over the greater Seattle area. Always looking for new frontiers.



August 2017

James Prouty

On View: August 7th-September 3rd 

Opening: Friday, August 11th, 2017, 6 to 9pm

About the Artist:

Painter James Prouty features paintings of the Greenlake Wading Pool. Nominally a landscape painter: These paintings began as plein air and were finished off in the studio: Enjoy these meditanions on the joyous summer play and pandemonium.


September 2017

Michelle McCarthy

ON VIEW: September 5th-October 7th

Opening:  Friday, September 8th, 2017, 6 to 9pm

About the Artist

Michelle McCarthy is a painter and jewelry designer living in Seattle. Her recent work focuses on the relationship between music and art and the inspiration derived from rhythm & melody. The paintings in this series were inspired by mid-century Jazz greats like Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, part of a larger exploration of the intersection between music, color, and shape.