Upcoming Exhibitions

February 2017

Ruth Barth


On View: February 10th-March 8th

Opening:  Friday, February 10th, 2016, 6 to 9pm

About the Artist

I am an artist, specializing in watercolor, pastels, and torn paper paintings. I am inspired by expressive faces (the more wrinkles, the better!), vibrant colors, and glorious light. In addition to creating art, I teach what I call “No Fear Art” classes. Nothing makes me happier than helping others find the artist within themselves. It’s a journey I’ve been on my whole life, one that brought me on a round-about adventure right back to where I belong: creating and teaching art every day.



March 2017

Katie Kurkjy

On View: March 4th-April 2nd

Opening: Friday, March 10th, 2017, 6 to 9pm

About the Artist:

Being raised 20 minutes outside of Seattle, WA, Katherine (Katie) Anne Kurkjy grew up immersed in the rich art and music scene of the city.  After studying sculpture and painting at Cornish College of the Arts, located in Seattle, she built her studio, where she currently works today.  

Katie creates her unique sculpture that both breathes new life into broken and discarded instruments and challenges the mind's concept of reality. She acquires her material from local musicians, exhibits her work in galleries and music venues, and contributes to local charity auctions. She takes on public and private commissions and has created work live at music festivals.


April 2017

Shelly Smith

ON VIEW: April 10th-May 5th

Opening:  Friday, April 14th, 2017, 6 to 9pm

About the Artist

Amateur scientist, professional artist, lover of microorganisms, painter of Protozoa, and general admirer of the natural world, I make paintings based on observed samples of water gathered from many places around the world. I have nicknamed these “cell portraits” and consider them a different way of determining a sense of place. I use the medium of illustration, gouache, gold, and sometimes even salt and soil, to create my paintings. 

I’m interested in the microcosmos, the unseen engine of life in our word that keeps creation digesting food, making oxygen, returning to dust, and springing forth anew. From blastocyst to decomposition bacteria, we’re all a bunch of beautiful, cycling cells.