What is Creative Reuse?

Creative reuse is rethinking your relationship to stuff. We think folks throw away a bunch of good stuff. If you just scrape off the label, or cover it with fancy paper, or hot glue a few bits together it might just be the most useful thing! We are here to assist folks in finding the treasure in the trash. We have a store and classes and and made to order parties and programs to help the community keep the good stuff out of the landfill.

Plastic bottle cap mural

What are you?

We are a creative reuse center. Creative reuse centers are facilities that collect donated materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill and resell them to the community. There are numerous facilities of this nature across the country; however, we are the only creative reuse facility of our kind in Seattle.  While the size, structure, and community benefit of creative reuse centers does vary, creative reuse centers function to reduce the amount of useable material entering the waste stream, provide communities with low-cost access to creative materials, and stimulate creative activity within the communities they serve.  

Fully realized, we believe that Seattle ReCreative will help to create a generation of more active, engaged, sustainable and self-sufficient citizens here in Seattle—better prepared for the environmental, social, and scientific challenges ahead.